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  1. How much does the procedure cost in Mosco2? Which HSCT procedure is it, myeloablative or
    non-myeloablative (lymphoablative)? Thanks, Jane

  2. How do I go about setting up a page for donations? It is all so overwhelming! I have MS, and am currently on Tysabri. I want to go to Russia for this HSCT treatment, but I do not have any idea how to start. There is so much information, and with “brain fog”, I can’t get a grip on where to even start or how to get ahold of the doctor in Russia

  3. I have just been accepted to go to Cape Town with Prof Novitsky. I’m wanting to make contact with anyone who has been here for HSCT treatment just to talk and ask a few questions. I feel well out my depth and very nervous about tackling this huge challenge – they say “feel the fear and do it anyway!” so any help would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Nikki
      Did you have this procedure in Cape Town? What was your experience? Any feedback on the procedure and your experience in Cape Town is greatly appreciated.

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