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And the Beat Goes on…


7 Years Post-Transplant!

Do you believe it?!  Last month was my 7-year stem cell birthday and still no progression!

So much has happened this past year. I was able to travel to New York City two times (see pics below), become the host of a podcast, and was recently asked to be the host of a virtual summit for The MS Gym, but I’m just as excited to share with you this YouTube video, where I talk with my HSCT comrades, Jeff and Tammy, who were treated in Moscow when I was in 2013. We each had different types of MS, different outcomes, and varying recovery trajectories. We share where we’re at now, what our current EDSS is compared to pre-transplant, our thoughts on re-vaccination and lots other insider info. It’s an honest look at what you can expect during treatment, and the often bumpy road that follows post-transplant.

So, whether you’re researching HSCT, scheduled for HSCT or post-HSCT, here’s your chance to hear what recovery looks like at 7 years out!

I Love New York!

From conferences to book launches, South Street Seaport to Midtown, this city I love is like an obstacle course if you have mobility challenges. Slow and easy wins the race was my mantra and by slowing down you notice all the little nuances this city has always served up but were always too busy to savor.

There are gifts in every setback. You can either let your MS be the ruining of you or the reinvention of you. I’ve chosen the latter…trekking poles included.

I’ll be taking this summer off to chill and work on some exciting new ventures. In the meantime, you can find me on Instagram or my post-transplant website

Thanks for stopping by!

Love and peace.


Photo credits: Amy Hedges Photography