Welcome to the Hotel California…


Well, actually it’s a Best Western, and soon to be a second home to my mother during our stay in Russia, but, for much longer than we had anticipated.  We’ve officially  just hit our first tactical “bump in the road”.  I and the two other Americans who will be getting stem cell transplants at the same time that I am, were informed that, due to the increased popularity of this treatment, that the hospital will no longer be able to house guests of the patient during their stay.  Originally, we thought that Mom would be able to stay with me for at least the first two weeks, before I entered the “isolation” period.  Mom, you can check out any time you like…but you’ll have nowhere to go.  Sorry.

Is this a logistical game-changer?  No.  I’ve already contacted the travel agent.  Is it a financial game-changer?  Well, yes!  Those extra 14 days in the hotel will cost around $1,500-2000!  Great!!  Time to put on my thinking cap (MS hasn’t taken that, yet!).  So, how popular do you think a lemonade stand would be in January?  Ok, maybe it’s taken a little…LOL  Onward!!

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