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Tip Toe Through the Tulips…

Tip Toe Through the Tulips…

Today, was my “challenge” day.  The day, that, no matter what, I promised myself that I was going to attempt to step outside of this hotel, across the street, down a long set of stairs, though a large parking lot and into the Izmaylova Market which is situated adjacent the hotel.  This Market is one of most popular outdoor markets in Moscow and provides one-stop shopping for souvenir-seeking tourists.  From fur hats, to nesting dolls, jewelry to pottery, this is the place to go for best finds and bargains.  For my entire month in the hospital, I’ve been watching from a distance as my mother has memorized every inch of this Market and befriended most of the vendors.   Today, she was going to be my houndog, and as we soon found out, would be a shoulder to place my hand on, as my dizziness, though it has decreased very slightly, refuses to relent.  But, did you really think that was going stop me from the art of the deal?  I knew that as long as I took it slow and didn’t over-exert, that there would be no harm done…kinda.

It was a beautiful, crisp, windy day and 70 degrees.  I made it the entire way to the Market and did manage to “tip toe” over many an uneven surface and curb to cut through to many of the vendors.  We decided that we were going to rest for a while and enjoy my fave…an icy cold Coke.  Just about that time, my fellow HSCTr, Kristy Cruise appears ready to find a few bargains of her own.  And we did!  (pic below)

Kristy &  me, Moving Mountains for her MS in Izmaylova Market, Moscow.

Kristy & me, Moving Mountains for her MS in Izmaylova Market, Moscow.

The market was bustling with tourists, and I had to watch every single step, so as not to stumble.  My legs are still very weak, and a tumble could have happened in a split second.  But, it didn’t.  I had nowhere to be, no timeframe, and absolutely no desire to leave there without exactly what I wanted.  I could sit in the hotel room the rest of the week and rest, but, I’ve been “resting” for month.  By the time that we made it back to the hotel, I could barely lift my right leg even to clear the ground.  I literally hobbled into the hotel lobby as Mom and Kristy poured me into the elevator and deposited me on the edge of the bed in our room.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Will I be attempting the same feat tomorrow?  No, I will not.  Actually, early tomorrow morning, I will be accompanying Kristy to the hospital so that she can be admitted for her pre-testing.  It’s quite a maze of guard gates, tunnels, administrative office, etc., and I have been instructed exactly where to take her by Dr. Fedorenko.  In addition, he will be supplying me with all my medical records to take back to the States.  One last goodbye to the doctor who facilitated my future of freedom.

After leaving the hospital tomorrow, I will be resting and relaxing at the hotel, most likely eating at the hotel restaurants for the convenience of it.  The restaurants in the hotel provide a wide range of menu choices, menus in English and prices to suit even the smallest budget.

Though my thigh muscles feel like they’ve been beaten by a meat clever, it’s a good kind of pain.  Those muscles haven’t been used in so long, and they needed a good kickstart.  I will leave  you with a bunch of fun pics from the Izmaylova Market.  Seriously…who doesn’t like to go shopping?

On the way to the Market.   Wine!!!

On the way to the Market. Wine!!!

Our favorte pizza place!!

Our favorte pizza place!!

Outside of Izmaylova Market.

Outside of Izmaylova Market.

Lots of fur hats, scarves and headbands.

Our Coke break venue.

Beautiful Turkish and Polish pottery.

Nesting dolls.

The hustle and bustle of tourists.

Pillow Palooza!

One of my purchases.  A Turkish platter.

One of my purchases. A Turkish platter.

My first Russian scarf purchase (linen).  Will it be the last?  Hmmm.

My first Russian scarf purchase (linen). Will it be the last? Hmmm.

Peace, love and retail therapy…from Moscow!