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I’m Goin’ Down, Down, Down…

I’m Goin’ Down, Down, Down…

That’s right!

MY RESULTS ARE IN!  My leukocytes have dropped to 0.12.  Just what we were looking for.  And, we’re not done yet.  My platelets have also dropped to 15 (yowza!)  He did mention that in 4-5 days, if my platelets remain low, I may require a transfusion to bolster those.  Whatev!  Just let me know when to be ready.

- Hemoglobin - Leukocytes - Platelets

– Hemoglobin
– Leukocytes
– Platelets

His visit with me today centered around this progressing neutropenic stage and what types of symptoms that I may experience.  He has recommended that I rest all day today, and I plan to do so.  Maybe that’s because he caught me sleeping when he walked in.  Two hours of sleep a night is not going to cut it.  He said that I will experience extreme fatigue, which is normal.  I am to be very careful not to cut or bruise myself.  He said that my MS symptoms will continue to worsen, but that will subside.  I am also to be very mindful of the cleansing regimen, and to just use common sense when it comes to any kind of cross-contamination of items that I touch.  .  Not there’s any chance in hell that there are any germs in this room.  They just came in and mopped down the walls, floors and windows with a thick antiseptic  cleanser, changed the bed linens as they do daily and, of course the antimicrobial light is always on in my bathroom.

He continues to be pleased with my blood pressure levels (though sometimes lower, but that’s just me), my temp remains normal or slightly below normal range.  I’ve lost about 4 lbs in the last two days…expected.

The last part of my meeting with the doctor today what all about…HAIR.  After talking to my US comrades who recently had their HSCT here, they each had a story of their own about when the hair came out/off.  I think I wouldn’t have been too concerned if it weren’t for a story about “Nurse Hatchet”, who just swoops in with an “off with your head” look on her face, and before you know it, you’re a cue ball.  I didn’t relay that to Dr. F.  I just said “When do we decide to shave my head?”  He said that he would like to wait 4-5 days until I have engrafted and then they will do it.  He said that it is dangerous to do it during this phase of treatment, as one misstep could cause a cut, which could lead to infection.  My hair is hanging on like a bulldog, so, I’m satisfied with his answer.

Talk about small things tickling my fancy these days.  They just brought in the package with my new hospital gown for tomorrow morning.  I think it has PINK flowers on it!!  My favorite color is blue, and the gowns I’ve had so far have all had blue or purple flowers on them.  But every once in a while, a girls wants to feel “pretty in pink”.  My second little treasure this morning was the lemon slice that was decoratively served with my breakfast.  I carefully, placed it in a bowl in the fridge and now it will be  the cherry on the top of my homemade iced tea that I make each night.  That’s right.  A lemon has me feeling all giddy and pampered.  LOL

Today, is the only day that I’ve awoken to solidly cloudy skies in Moscow.  It definitely changes the hue of my room, but it certainly won’t dampen my spirits.  The sun has been shining through the window of my life since the moment I stepped into this facility, and that will linger for a lifetime.

Peace and Love.