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100% Progression Free


That’s right! Last week, I had a triple MRI. All scans are and have been 100% stable since my HSCT in 2013. The last brain MRI I had was 2.5 years ago and the last MRI of my spine was over 7 years ago, just after transplant. I’m not gonna lie. I was nervous about the spine. Any symptoms of mine that have ebbed and flowed over the years have typically been rooted in my cervical or thoracic spinal lesions. Since my cranial surgery in January for trigeminal neuralgia, a bout of shingles and the flu that followed soon after, then COVID lockdown, I’ve been physically weaker than I’ve ever been. My core, my legs, my feet…all shot to hell! Who knew all the walking while shopping I do (DID pre-COVID) helped to maintain a much stronger me. Yes, I could be exercising more at home. Yes, I could be walking more…in my yard, but I haven’t. Now that I know my weakness isn’t from MS progression, I’ve got to get off my lazy ass and get to work! And binge-watching Netflix doesn’t count (bummer).🙄

I realize HSCT is not for everyone. But, it’s currently the most durable treatment to HALT (not just slow) the progression of MS (and other AID).

If you’re interested in more info, I’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction. If not, I wish you all the best in your MS journey. I’ll still be here cheering you on.

Much love and a happy dance,


PHOTO CREDIT: Amy Hedges Photography