I Don’t Want to Live Like a Refugee…

I Don’t Want to Live Like a Refugee…

Well, at least I don’t want to look like one.  But, it turns out, I don’t have a choice.  When Dr. Fedorenko came in this morning, I asked him what time we would be shaving my hair today.  Mom was on her way and ready for photo ops.  He took one look at my scalp, which is now a very thin, heathery kind of blonde and said “We will not be cutting it today.”  “Because there is so little hair, I think that you should just continue to wash it until it all falls out.”.   That news was the pin to my balloon.  I was totally amped to go bald today.  My plan is to shampoo it, hard 3-4 times daily in order to speed along the process.  In the meantime, with my current do, I truly do look like some kind of refugee.  Lucky for me, I was given back my luggage today with all of the hats and scarves that I had purchased before my trip in preparation  for having to look presentable in public sans the hair.  Mom and I tried to have a fun little photo shoot, where we ended up laughing so hard, half of the pics were too blurry to publish.  Take a look below to see how my bald fashion is faring.

Refugee drama!

Refugee drama!

Side View #1

Side View #2

Side View #2

Bring on the hats.  I also have tan, pink, white, and charcoal.  When you can't decide...

Bring on the hats. I also have tan, pink, white, and charcoal. When you can’t decide…

I think I can do this!

I think I can do this!

This is how mom has to dress to see me, now. Did I mention she’s claustrophobic?


Yesterday’s leukocyte #s were 2.3.  Today’s leukocyte #s are 12.9!!  12.9!!!  No wonder I can’t sleep at night.  I’ve got a lot of rebuilding going on.  This construction zone is working on O/T!  Of course, the waves, high fives, prayers and praise don’t hurt either.  In addition, my platelets have risen from 14 yesterday, to 24, today.  That helps to decrease my risk of bleeding and helps to get a little more oxygen to my brain…thank you, platelets.  I swear I’ll never take thinking clearly again for granted.  ha ha

Symptomatic Changes:  Due to the increase in leukocyte production, I have begun to experience muscle cramping in my left hand.  The kind that you get when you’re dehydrated (usually in your feet) and your hand starts to automatically clench together and you have to hold it open to alleviate the spasm.  But, that doesn’t always work.  It’s not something that’s really treated, because it’s just par for the course.  At night, I have also begun to have mid-lower aching of the spine (much like menstrual cramps), that the doc says is also due to rising leukocytes.  I choose to take no meds for it, so, it’s a suck it up Brooke situation.  Due to the hand spasms, my blog posts may take a little longer and be on a little later than usual (apologies).  Oh, I almost forgot…I am no longer required to utilize asceptic body cleansing.  I can just take your everyday shower.  Yippee!

That’s where we are today.  Holding strong, spirits up, sense of humor in tact.   I can’t thank  you all enough for keeping my spirits aloft.  That’s why we’re rockin’ this…HARD!

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  1. Hey Brooke, just saw you on TV. Looking great. I like your hair or lack of it. You really do look fantastic. Last week I took a picture of the softball team with Kylie doing the wave for you and also a picture of myself, Max, Emily and Mary doing the wave. You will have to have a vivid imagination, because I was not able to send. So here goes a big wave to you from all of us.

    Love from all of us.

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